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please read my TOS before commissioning!

terms of service

→ commissions are not on a first-come, first-serve basis. i will decline any commission that i feel that i cannot fulfill.→ payment is acceptable via paypal or zelle. i do not take half payments and payment is after the first sketch.
the prices listed are base prices and you may be charged an additional fee depending on the pose, background, and accessories (eg. frills, detailed jewelry, etc.) i reserve the right to post commission pieces on social media. rush fees & commercial fees may apply due to the nature of the commission.
→ commissions generally have a delivery time of 1-2 months but i will provide you with a more accurate estimate after i receive your commission request. commissions will be delivered as a .png, 400 dpi file of the final commission via google drive or email.→ lastly, please note that my art style is constantly changing. please be aware that there may be minor changes to the art style in a commission. thank you for your patronage!

commercial fee: 2x
rush fee: 1.5x